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KEY HOUSE Decoration Co. Ltd. has been established since 2001, providing tailor made professional decoration, design and maintenance service.

We have professional architects, engineers, designers, and all kinds of professionals consisting of construction management strength, who are experienced in design, decoration or construction in different aspects for example retail shops, residential or commercial projects, etc. Our skilled construction team supports a full range of advanced construction equipment services, implementing a more modern, scientific and standardized management system.

KEY HOUSE provide a one-stop service which can fulfill different requirements from every single customer. We make sure that we have good communication with customers, to ensure every step is in control and every decision we have made is the best for customers. Because we aim for the best, we are honoured to have the chance to work with different companies like () and (), and it motivates us to enhance our operation.


• KEY HOUSE can provide transparent and guaranteed one-stop service which is unique and tailor-made for every single customer base on their requirements. And we always keep a reasonable and good standard of services because we know it is the best for the customers.

• In Hong Kong, renovation or decoration projects always cost a lot and it is important for our customers. Nonetheless, it is not easy to find a good renovation worker and it is not rare that clients and renovation works conflict with each other. According to the Consumer Council, there are plenty of complainants of engineering or renovation industry every year, and it is the most among different industries……

• KEY HOUSE’s one-stop services can avoid all those situations. Our team is experienced and professional, we ask customers every time before we make any decision to make sure what they need and we will mark down every step, therefore this transparent and thoughtful method can provide a more guaranteed service to customers. We provide the best, no matter the services’ standard, human resources or materials, because we know that is the only way to build a perfect dream for our customers.